Our services

Specialist consultations to diagnose, treat and manage all areas of kidney medicine

The Waikato Kidney Clinic offers specialist consultations to diagnose, treat and manage all areas of nephrology (kidney medicine) and most general internal medicine conditions. 

  • Acute kidney injury (AKI) - acute decline in kidney function usually over a few days to months. 
  • Chronic kidney disease - decrease in kidney function that is persistent and long-standing. 
  • Management of patients with kidney transplants.
  • Management of kidney transplant donors.
  • Hypertension, especially hypertension in young individuals, resistant hypertension (hypertension needing three or more anti-hypertensive drugs) and secondary hypertension (hypertension due to an attributable cause such as hormonal problems, overactive adrenal glands or kidney artery narrowing).
  • Recurrent urinary tract stones.
  • Glomerulonephritis - inflammation of the substance of the kidney and kidney cells (nephrons). 
  • Urinary abnormalities such as haematuria or proteinuria - leaking blood or protein into the urine. 
  • Renal complications of systemic diseases such as lupus.
  • Electrolyte and acid-base disturbances.
  • Specialist renal physician opinion for immigration medicals.
  • Health and insurance medical reports for renal/kidney status.
  • Most general internal medicine problems - such as chest pain, shortness of breath, fatigue, fever of unknown origin, and venous thromboembolic disorders.