Personalised renal care

From diagnosis to treatment and management of your kidney condition

Kia ora

Welcome to the Waikato Kidney Clinic. 

As the only private nephrology practitioner in the Waikato, I provide a range of specialist services in all areas of renal (kidney) medicine, which is the main focus of this clinic. Patients with general medical problems are also welcome to use the services of the clinic as I am fully trained and accredited in the practice of internal medicine as well. 

From diagnosis to treatment and management of your condition, I take a holistic approach that recognises every patient is unique and has different needs. My high quality, personalised care is backed by my commitment to good communication and I pride myself on establishing an excellent and enduring rapport with patients. 

Our services

Specialist consultations to diagnose, treat and manage all areas of kidney medicine.


Answers to your questions about appointments with Waikato Kidney Clinic.